Dear Members,

The January Talk over zoom was very successful. Those who attended said they would be happy to attend future events held in a similar way. This means that we will no longer be limited talks by people who can travel to us, which will enable us to provide a wider range of topics for our talks.

The events page of the website has been updated, confirming the dates of our talks in Stubbington up until March 2023.

 Our next event is on February 25th. There will be demonstrations showing how to pour your own foundation, make lip balm from wax and a display of mead making equipment that will provide us with an excuse for some mead sampling to take place! The students from this year’s course are being invited and refreshments will be provided whilst we get to know each other. We look forward to seeing you there.

The Committee are supporting HBA’s drive to encourage Associations to run their own queen rearing programme. The HBA are hosting a zoom talk on THURSDAY 10 February at 5:30pm. Epsom BKA has been running a successful group for several years and hopefully Phil Shepherd will share the secret of their success. An e-mail will follow with the log-in details. If you would like to be involved in this project, this will give us all an idea of what will be involved.

In fact, a number of e-mails will arrive in quick succession to tell you how to access a number of local and national events.

Portsmouth BKA spring convention      9 April

Meridian BKA talk on Asian Hornet      20th March

BBKA spring convention                         8-10 April

 Whilst we are on the subject of HBA, their Hon. Secretary Janelle Quitman, is giving up her position as she no longer lives in Hampshire. HBA are advertising for a new Secretary and there are two communications about that too. Paula is already a member of the HBA committee, and it would be wonderful if a FDBKA member could join her as Hon.Sec. Failing that, some company at the HBA AGM would be much appreciated. The AGM of HBA will be held at 7.00pm on Monday 14 March 2022 via zoom.

Looking forward to seeing you soon

Paula and the Committee.