FDBKA Honey Show

Fareham Honey Show - St Johns Church Hall, Redlands Lane, Fareham TBA
Honey Show September 2021

Honey Show Rules 
To be read in conjunction with the Schedule of Classes
1.   All honey and wax products must be the product of the exhibitor and the produce of the exhibitor’s bees, except for classes 140 (frame for extracting) and 143 (beeswax candles).
2.   Extracted honey to be exhibited in clear one pound (454g) squat jars, with gold lacquered commercial screw tops or twist offs and matching except where otherwise stated.
3.   Exhibitors may enter any number of exhibits in any Class but will not be entitled to more than one prize in any Class.
4.  The Confectionary Classes will be open to family members of FDBKA beekeepers.
5.  The judge’s decision will be final.
6.   Every exhibit must be legibly marked with the labels supplied.
Bottled honey: Labels to be fixed approximately one inch (2.5cm) between the bottom edge of the label and the base of the jar.
Cut Comb: one label at the centre of the long side and the other at one end of the lid. No other markings will be allowed except Classes 136 and 138.
7.   No exhibit may be handled or removed from the tables until the presentation of prizes is completed without the permission of the Show Manager.
8.   A Novice is an exhibitor who has not previously won a first prize in any Honey Show (confectionary classes excluded).
9.   Please note that the Honey exhibited in class 138 is donated to Fareham Horticultural Association to help towards their expenses.
1    Points allocation: 1st – 3 2nd – 2 3rd – 1. 

      Follow this link to the honey show schedule.
       FDBKA Hampshire Honey Cake      

Good Luck everyone!