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About Us

We are a predominantly urban group of bee keepers numbering 100+ Registered, Partner and Country members and now in our 98th year (2016). We are affiliated to Hampshire Bee Keepers Association (HBA) and the British Bee Keepers Association (BBKA). We hold monthly meetings all year round. In the spring and summer when we hold apiary meetings, and indoor meetings in autumn and winter in Stubbington, when we have special guest speakers on all different bee related topics.

We also run a training and educational apiary at Manor Farm, Bursledon, where we have held Honey and Bee weekends for the last couple of years which has been a fantastic weekend for us and the general public, details of which are posted on the Apiary page.

We openly welcome and encourage newcomers to join us and we also are more than happy to invite members of the public along who may have a fear of bees or people who really would like to know a little more about bee's and bee keeping to one of our Summer apiary meetings. We will loan you a bee suit and gloves (limited numbers depending on the meeting) if you wish to know more please email the secretary using the contact link.

2016 Queen colour - WHITE

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This month in the Apiary - April

  • This month will allow beekeepers to start their Spring management programme in earnest. Longer daylight hours and increasingly warm weather will often tempt people to open up their hives but beware getting caught out.
  • Undertake your first inspection of the year noting the strength of your colonies and potentially moving frames around to balance the strength.
  • Now is a good time to find and mark your queens …
  • If in an area with Rape Seed be aware of the requirement to have a super on when the rape flowers and ensure you have a plan to deal with the super when filled.
  • Start checking for Queen Cells every 7 days once the rape is in flower. If you find some then undertake your preferred method of artificial swarm.
  • Review all your equipment now the main season has finished and put something to one side for the new members or sale at the Meon Valley Auction.
  • Consider how how can get more out of the association by getting involved - Remember there are no stupid questions !

(All the above is generic advice only)


If you wish to join us and become a member of FDBKA please email membership from the side bar.

The Annual Subscription for a Registered Member is £30 (anyone who has at least 1 hive).

The Annual Subscription for Junior, Partner, Country or Associate Member it is £16.

A proportion of all Subscriptions is annually sent to HBA who then send part of that on to BBKA. A further portion of Registered Members Subscription is sent off for Bee Disease Insurance.

Julian Parker, our new Regional Bee Inspector can be contacted on 01494 488393 or should you run into a problem.

From April we will also have our Seasonal Bee Inspectors who will be listed on here as usual.

Seen a swarm of honeybees ? Contact one of our collection team listed in the sidebar in the first instance.