About Us

We are a predominantly urban group of bee keepers numbering over 100 Registered, Partner and Country members and now in our 102nd year. We are affiliated to Hampshire Bee Keepers Association (HBA) and the British Bee Keepers Association (BBKA).

In the spring and summer we hold apiary meetings at different apiaries. In autumn and winter we hold indoor meetings in Stubbington, when we have special guest speakers on all different bee related topics.

We also run a training and educational apiary at Manor Farm, Bursledon, where we have held Honey and Bee weekends for the last few years which has been a fantastic weekend for us and the general public.

We openly welcome and encourage 'newcomers' to join us. We also are more than happy to invite members of the public along who may have a fear of bees or people who really would like to know a little more about bees and bee keeping to one of our Summer apiary meetings. We will loan you a bee suit and gloves (limited numbers depending on the meeting) if you wish to know more please email the secretary using the contact link, or look at the Membership page. Please visit the Education page if you are interested in taking up beekeeping.

The association has recently acquired a new apiary site in Titchfield, Fareham.

Our Facebook page can be reached via this link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/FDBKA

Don't forget FDBKA members can borrow the following equipment via our equipment organiser Jamie Leeper. Ring Jamie on 07989745884.

1 x 4 Frame tangential manual honey extractor which is able to take up to 4 x 14x12/commercial brood frame or 8 super frames.

1 x 3 Frame tangential manual honey extractor which is able to take up to 3 x 14x12/commercial brood frames or 6 super frames.

1 x Heather press.