Events 2022

For the remaining season of 2022 all FDBKA events are held at Catisfield Memorial Hall, 22 Catisfield Lane, Fareham, PO15 5NN, beginning at 19:30 on the date stated unless otherwise indicated.


Committee Sponsored Events


January 28th             Talk: Spring Feeding by Claire and Martin from Buckfast.  The talk                                              will be screened over Zoom on a large screen in the Hall.  

February  25th          Talk and demonstrations; Making wax foundation, lip balm                                                          and mead.
                                 This year's class of new beekeepers are being invited tp the evening. 

March 25th               Talk: Insecticides and Oilseed Rape: The case for updating the                                                    monitoring of pesticide usage. (John Hoar)

April                           Apiary Visit (Weather & COVID restrictions permitting) TBC
May 22                      Apiary Visit (Weather restrictions permitting) Location Titchfield                                                 (Greg Young)

June 19                     Apiary Visit (Weather restrictions permitting) Location TBC

July 9th & 10th          Bees & Honey Weekend - Manor Farm 

July 17                       Bee Safari TBC 

September 4th           End of season/Jubilee garden party, Catisfield Memorial Hall, 

September 17            FDBKA Honey Show - with the Horticultural Association
                                  (Show secretary Jan Lethbridge
                                  St John's Church Hall., Upper St Michael's Grove, 
                                  Corner with Redlands Lane, Fareham.                                       

October                     Pumpkin Festival - RVCP Netley (Zehra Demirel) TBC

October 7th               Bob Smith (Speaker) Catisfield Memorial Hall

November 4th           Derek Mitchell (Speaker) Catisfield Memorial Hall

December 2nd          AGM: Catisfield Memorial Hall


January 6th                     'Ask the Panel', Catisfield Memorial Hall
February 3rd                   Nigel Semmence (Speaker) Asian Hornet, 
                                        Catisfield Memorial Hall
March 3rd                       Workshop: Asian hornet traps, Catisfield Memorial Hall
TBC                                Artificial Swarms/techniques and demonstrations, 
                                       Catisfield Memorial Hall

Member Sponsored Events

 August 28th                3rd Earl's Fayre, Titchfield Abbey (Zehra Demirel)                                           

September 24th          Michaelmas Fayre – Alverstoke (Sam Summersgill)   

Other Events

January 29th           HBA Talk: Small Hive Beetle & Tropilaelaps, John Geden, RBI

February 10th          5:30pm   HBA zoom lecture Queen Raising 

March 12th              Bee Trade Exhibition (Beetradex) – Stoneleigh Park     

March 20th              Meridian . Talk at Botley Market Hall 2-4pm Andy Durham on Asian                                            Hornet

April 9th                   Portsmouth Spring convention

April 8th to 10th       BBKA Spring Convention – Harper Adams University 

May 7th                    MVBKA Auction –10:00 to 17:00 - Greatham Village Hall

October 1st-2nd       Hampshire Honey Show Great Hall, Winchester

October 27-29          National Honey Show - Epsom Racecourse 

November TBC         HBA Autumn Convention

To make both the member and committee sponsored events in the summer and autumn successful we do need volunteers to help on the day.  If you are interested then please click here to register your interest.